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Eyre's Benz 124WF-M1-GYAF

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The 124 BENZ is a true advancement in protective eyewear. Designed to withstand heavy impact situations due to its sheer design and flexibility, the 124 is perfect for industrial and sporting environments. The BENZ is made from dual injected Flexible Thermo Rubber and TR90+ materials that provide unmatched comfort and protection. The superior wrap around frame design provides excellent coverage for the wearer.

The 9 base curve lenses of the 124 BENZ have a hard coating, which helps extend the life of the lens and provide exceptional vision through the distortion free lens.

Benz fact sheet

Frame: Matt Black/Shiny Black with Foam
Lens: Weather Grey 10 Anti-Fog

List Price:A$57.00
Your Price:A$51.30 (You save 10.00%)
Weight:300.00 g