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Khan sunglasses are the latest fashion trends that are reaching popular new heights. Offering a wide assortment of styles and fashions in bulk, these wholesale sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear feature both rimless and rimmed designs. With comfortable, gripping earpieces and nosepieces, these sunglasses are an excellent choice for sporting or everyday activities. Available in metal frames and plastic frames, these designer-style sunglasses can be dressed up or down and are ideal for formal or casual occasions. Khan's distinct logo makes these sunglasses unique and easily recognizable.

The best, quickest and easiest way of choosing the best fit for you is to note down the measurements of your current pair to give you a guide. Most frames have three measurements on the inside of an arm
The Arm Length and Bridge Width will determine the fit and comfort of the frames. The Lenses Diameter (width) and Depth (height) influence the style of glasses. Hence, these factors are respective to your individual preferences
As a general rule of thumb, people with narrow faces suit narrow frames. These 4 measurements do not need to match exactly, but if they are close to your current glasses, they will result in a similar fit