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High Quality Polarized & Non-Polarised Sun Glasses

For many years we have been a leading supplier of high quality Specialised Sport & Lifestyle Sunglasses across Australia. We have focussed on specialised sport sector & designer fashion sunglasses with our ultimate polarised and non-polarised range.

Our range of high quality sunglasses come in styles not unlike the leading brands – but without the expensive price tag!

Our range of polarized & non-polarised sunglasses includes

Sports sunglasses
Cyclist sunglasses
Aviator sunglasses
Golf sunglasses
Surf Sunglasses
Fashion sunglasses
Fishing sunglasses

We love our eyewear range so much, we back it with a lifetime warranty on the frames!

Reader & Tinted Reader Range

Readers galore with on trend European styles and designer trends. An extensive range of male, female and unisex readers and tinted readers is available. Select from our massive range of reading glasses with magnification from +1.00 to +3.50. Stop blurred vision with our lightweight, comfortable and durable reader range.

Specialised Cycle Range

Cycle enthusiast will love our cycle specific sunglass range! Lightweight and comfortable our range offers a choice of specific lenses & photochromatic lenses for changing weather and seasons. Ocean’s specialized sport lenses are optically superior, impact and scratch resistant and have an anti reflective coating. Our lenses offer upper side vision optimization and an extended field of view.

Specialised Golf Range

The ultimate for Golf lovers with our premium sporting style and design sunglasses. Ocean Eyewear answers the demands of performance eyewear by offering engineered excellence, superior quality and high styling. The ultimate for playing excellence with maximum UV protection. We offer specialised lenses to enhance and improve your vision and support your game!

Specialised Fishing & Water Sport Range

Our vast range of polarized sunglasses for fishing and water sport range is exceptional! Our rugged wrap around sunglasses styles, floating frames and surf style sunglasses make Ocean Eyewear the ultimate in fishing and outdoor water adventure. Enhance your vision, comfort and performance with our polarized range of optically superior, impact and scratch resistant eyewear.

MX Goggles – Motor Cycle Goggles

For those who love motorbikes and motocross we have an amazing range of lightweight, durable MX Goggles and Motorbike Goggles. Our robust anti fog and anti scratch lexan lens (tint, clear and amber) will withstand the extremes of motor cross. We even have a prescription insert for optical glasses available.

Push us to the limit – our goggles & sunglasses were built for it! They come in a great range of styles and colours and provide ultimate UV protection. All with an affordable price tag!

Snow Goggles

If you love the snow and skiing, you will be delighted by our range of Snow Goggles, which come in a range of styles and colours. All are anti fog, durable and scratch resistant. Vented points for cooling will enhance both your comfort and performance. The price will amaze!

Buy the right Sunglasses!

Eye Safety:
Here are the key facts that cyclists should keep in mind when shopping for cycling sunglasses:
If you’re on a bike and not wearing a bike helmet you are crazy! The same applies to cycling sunglasses. You should wear your cycling sunglasses in any weather and in any light. If it’s dark choose a clear or low light lens.

You need your sunglasses for protection (just like your helmet) from the stones and debris that can flick up from the, road, or from the cyclist in front of you, dust from vehicles and insects.

While all sunglasses must meet minimum impact standards, plastic lenses are less likely to shatter upon impact than glass lenses.
Fashion sunglasses or lifestyle sunglasses, offer very little protection, with respect to breakage, as the lenses are thin and may not be made from polycarbonate.

Top cycling sunglasses have thicker lenses (usually about 2mm thick) and are made from NXT or polycarbonate lenses, which offer better impact resistance than regular plastic.

If you’re really serious about safety & impact resistance, look for glasses that comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards. This is a high standard for both frames and lenses and only a few sports sunglasses can meet these standards. Ocean Eyewear meets all these standards.

UV Protection:
Most sunglasses will block UV light – but you already know that. It’s a low standard. These days UV protection can be achieved even by the cheap “knock offs” from China or the sunglasses you buy in your local petrol station.

Sports sunglasses which have NXT or polycarbonate lenses naturally absorb some UV light. UV absorption is improved by adding chemicals to the lens material during manufacturing or by applying special lens coatings.

There is a difference, in that some cycling sunglasses do not give you 100% UV protection. But You need the protection! Always choose cycling sunglasses that are labelled as blocking 99-100% of UV rays or look for a label which says “UV absorption up to 400nm.” This is the same as 100% UV absorption.

Wraparound sunglasses are not just to look good:

Wraparound cycling sunglasses have been around for a long time and it is not just a marketing gimmick. You need a cycling sunglass with a curved lens and to wrap around the side of your face.
This wrapping around design, prevents the sun’s rays from entering your eyes from the sides. Wrap lenses will naturally cover more area. Ocean Eyewear’s ergonomic design offers ultimate protection.

If you do not wear wraparounds it’s like having a slow puncture on your bike – as the sun’s rays and UV light will enter around the frames to reduce the protective benefits of your sports sunglasses.

Comfort & Fit:

Bike design allows you to adjust your bike for your specific body measurements. Now there is a whole bike fitting industry built around this. We all know that people are not all the same size. Ocean Eyewear is all about You!

Some, so called cycling sunglasses allow zero adjustment. Would you buy a bike where you could not adjust the seat?You need cycling sunglasses that will fit on your head. You do not want sunglasses that move around or slide down your nose.

Really good cycling sunglasses, brands like Ocean Eyewear will have adjustable nose pads and temple arms, so you can mould them to fit your face. Soft rubber mouldings and temple tips also adds to the general good fit, comfort and stability of the sunglasses on your face.

Lens Grade or Darkness:

Sports sunglasses lens grades or darkness is a complex area, and is concerned about the lens’s ability to screen out visible light.<br>
Simplistically a grade 0 lens is clear and grade 5 is used in welding goggles. Most cyclists who ride during the day need lens grades between 2 to 3. For morning rides it’s nice to have Low light lenses which start at about grade 0.5.

As a cyclist you’re exposed to a lot of direct sunlight and light reflected from surfaces you generally need a darker lens. I would go for a medium to dark lens grade between 2 to 3. If you’re in very bright environments with no cover, or very little cloud, then you may go for an even darker lens at 3. In Australia you need a 2-3. In the UK you can probable get away with a grade 2.<

In the early morning wear a clear lens (grade 0), a low light lens (grade 0.5 to 1) or even better a photochromic lens which will go darker when exposed to UV light. Ocean Eyewear cycling glasses has a photochromic lens which darkens and lightens within seconds to give you the ultimate comfort and flexibility

Lens Quality:

As a cyclist you may know that there is a huge difference in carbon fibre for bike frames but it’s hard to spot the difference. It’s the same with cycling sunglasses lenses. It’s hard to spot the difference.

Lens quality is hard to spot in the shop in bright artificial light. There is a huge difference between lenses and even between polycarbonate lenses,which your cycling sunglasses should be made of.

Despite what you may hear in the “marketing hype” from the popular sports sunglasses companies; polycarbonate lenses manufacturing is not a proprietary technology, most of the lens materials used by sports sunglasses companies are just the same.
There are some very good polycarbonate lenses out there; but this is because the quality control of the manufacturing process is better, and the raw material they start with is more pure. But frankly, in the shop when you’re buying your cycling sunglasses you will have trouble telling the difference from the good to the excellent. So let Ocean Eyewear take the worry and confusion away – our lenses are great!

The only real way to know you’re getting the best is to buy Polycarbonate lenses is to buy from a reputable quality company who care about these things: like Ocean Eyewear sunglasses..

Standard extras and upgrades:

The last bike I bought had a standard set up but I upgraded the gearing and the wheels. It’s the same with cycling sunglasses. You get the basic feature and then you can see if there are any “nice to have” upgrades. With Ocean Eyewear extras and upgrades are standard!

For cycling sunglasses this would be lens coatings for glare protection and vented lenses to release moisture. The choice is yours, and with a pair of Ocean Eyewear cycling sunglasses you can have these options.

A nice to have is a photochromic lens which automatically darkens in bright light and becomes lighter in low light. Great for early morning rides. Red lenses can be very comfortable in very bright conditions and will cut reflected glare when sunlight bounces off smooth surfaces like pavement or road.

Photochromatic Lenses:

The Ocean Eyewear Photochromatic lenses offer the cyclist a sunglass lens for all conditions, featuring a clear lens which darkens to a smoke tint in just a few seconds. The Ocean Eyewear Photochromatic lenses sense exposure to UV light and automatically self-adjust the shade of the lens to light or dark, providing maximum versatility with changing weather conditions.

Interchangeable Lenses:

Ocean Eyewear ‘Interchangeable’ sunglasses lenses are designed for ultimate flexibility in changing light conditions during the day or night & seasonal change. Cyclists can tailor their glasses for the ultimate in personalised experience with a range of lenses that include clear, amber/yellow, tint and mirrored lens. The Interchangeable package includes three lens colour options from clear, yellow and tint all supplied in a unique, hard, protective case for easy storage and accessibility.
One pair of Sunglasses providing 100% UV Protection for every kind of riding condition.

The ultimate lens for playing excellence while still offering maximum UV protection.

Ultimate in Sport Style and Design:

Ocean Eyewear answers the demands of performance eyewear by offering:

Engineered excellence
Anti slip nose pads and temple tips allow for firm and comfortable grip
Superior quality
Durable and lightweight frames
Secure grips offer a unique performance
High styling
PC and TR90 frame material are both lightweight and durable
Cycle specific sunglass size frames allows for enhanced lens coverage

Ocean Eyewear a supreme brand for both comfort and protection

Standards & Features:

Conforms to AS/NZS1067:2003 (Aus and NZ standards)
CE certified
Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on frames
UVA & UVB protection
Optimal vision
Rubberised nose pads & temple tips
PC and TR90 frame material are both lightweight and durable
Functional flexibility
Impact and scratch resistant
Anti reflective coating
Includes micro fibre cloth for protection & lens cleaning

Snow & Sport Goggle Range:

Snow Goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can purchase; they are just as important as your jacket and pants. Any skier or snowboarder can tell you that not being able to see ruins a day as fast as poor fitting boots or a bad chili dog.
Ocean Eyewear goggles offer protection from wind and cold, but here are some key features to consider:

UV Protection – All our goggles, have UV 400 protection. UV intensity increases with altitude, and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays will prevent eye fatigue as well as damage to your retinas.

Double Lenses – All our goggles have double lenses – These create a thermal barrier that reduces fogging significantly compared to its single lens counterpart – a single lens goggle just won’t cut it for skiing or snowboarding.

Anti-Fog Coating – All our goggles have anti fog coating – A hydrophilic chemical treatment to the inside of the lenses can greatly reduce a goggle’s tendency to fog.
Fit Problems and Solutions

If your goggles don’t feel right, consider why they are uncomfortable:

Pressure on the outer eye socket – If you feel this, the goggle is too narrow and you need to find a model with a wider frame.

Pinching you on the bridge of the nose – First try to tighten the strap so that it secures the goggle a little higher up on your face. If that doesn’t work then try a goggle with a smaller fit or one with a different bridge contour.

Gap on the bridge of the nose – The first thing you should do is try to loosen the strap a little and see if you can secure it a little lower down on your face. If this doesn’t work, you should fit yourself in a goggle with a larger bridge.

Pinching the temple – You should try to loosen the strap a little and see if that relieves the tension. Otherwise, you’ll need to try and find a wider pair of goggles.
Goggle Care