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Eyre's Established in 1989, Eyres is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety eyewear and sunglasses. Named for early Australian trailblazer, Edward John Eyre, the company too, pushes boundaries and enters new frontiers. Eyres was among the first to design high quality, ergonomic eyewear that provides the unique comprehensive protection eyes need, especially in the harsh Australian outback. Its eyewear not only offers proven impact resistance, its fashion-sense design makes it something people want to wear
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Ugly Fish is a leading Aussie eyewear label specialising in sports polarised sunnies, motorcycle goggles, motorcycle sunnies and safety glasses for active people with attitude.
Yeah, we’re a little bit irreverent but we take the business of protecting your peepers very seriously. Our extensive, innovative and stylish range of Ugly’s are designed to protect your peepers from the harsh conditions, whether it’s the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays or random flying objects, whilst making sure your vision is crystal clear. Perfect for active people when you need to give it everything you’ve got.
If it’s attitude you’re looking for, we’ve got it in bucket loads. So, if you haven’t wrapped a pair of Ugly’s around your head it’s about time you tried ‘em, after all... Everyone’s Ugly.
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It’s all about You!

Whether you are an individual or a large chain Edge Trading will always strive to provide you excellent products and a great experience

For many years, we have successfully supported a wide range of Chain Stores and Pharmacies throughout Australia.

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We have 3 Major Brands to work with and can brand quality, up to Standard Safety or Sport Eyewear for your Club, Charity, Event, Corporation or Sports Organisation.

This is a speciality of ours & use all Aussie Brands.

We can even get your brand started!
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Models now discontinued or overstocked, great eyewear

Photochromic - Light to Dark

Interchangeble Kits - Various lenses

Single TR90 & Polycarbonate Models