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607 Electra 607-C3-FS

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This OHS safety eyewear was designed to satisfy the needs of men and women at work and leisure. The dimensions of the frame give protection all around the outer skin of the eye. ELECTRA is inserted with 9 base polycarbonate prism corrected lens that is 99.9% protective of UV rays. For the environmentally fashion conscious wearer in a light industrial applications, ELECTRA allows for comfortable extended occupational and recreational use in an active environment.

For the environmentally conscious wearer, these frames are part of our BIOPTIXX range, EYRES contribution to the ‘Green Revolution’. Frames in the range have been developed to reduce CO2 emissions from environmentally–harmful plastic production without compromising quality, impact rating or style.

The company’s eco-thermoplastic material is ecologically produced using castor plants and energy from biomass. Boasting features that include high fatigue strength, high transparency, resistance to boiling water, resistance to a range of solvents and chemicals, excellent toughness, low density and outstanding weather resistance, the new manufacturing process will reduce CO2 emissions by 20 per cent in comparison to conventional oil based plastic.

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SKU#: 607-C3-FS
Frame: Crystal Burgundy
Lens: Weather Grey 10 Flash Silver

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Weight:300.00 g