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120 DITTO - Photochromixx ETS

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120 DITTO - Photochromixx ETS is EYRES newest X-Sighting medium impact eye protector available to the market. Technology, protection, and functionality are the key design features, ensuring suitability for all workers performing in the most extreme conditions and environments.

The latest offering from EYRES is the ergonomically designed 120 DITTO. The wireless OHS velocity impact sunglass is intuitively integrated to the natural form of the head. The DITTO is available in ANMX Trivex Photochromixx (Everywhere and Natural) and Polycarbonate (Clear Anti-fog and Grey) lenses. The ANMX photochromic lenses are made with Extreme Temperature Sensitive (ETS) technology. This is a coating applied to the surface of the lens to ensure that the lens responds to changes in light conditions regardless of the ambient temperature. The Polycarbonate category 3 grey lens utilizes CUBI (Coverage, UV, Bluelight and Infra red) technology. Flexible rubber temple and nose tips have also been added for extra comfort.

120 DITTO - Photochromixx ETS has been inspired by active lifestyles and is medium impact certified to AS/NZS1337.1:2010 (Eye and Face Protectors for Occupational Applications). The prescription incarnation of the 628 INDULGE is medium impact certified to AS/NZS1337.6:2007 (Prescription Eye Protectors for Industrial Applications).

Colours and Lens Match

Frame: Metallic Charcoal
Lens: ANMX Natural Grey to Grey

Frame: Metallic Brown
Lens: ANMX Everywear Indoor/Outdoor


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