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Ocean Eyewear 35-47/48

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FISHING & WATER SPORT means you receive the best to do your best!

Specialised Polarised Lenses

The ultimate polarised lens for sporting excellence, Ocean Eyewear meets Australian and International standards for polarised tinted lenses. The FISHING & WATER SPORT sunglass range is made for all day comfort, endurance and performance enhancement:

Maximum UV protection
The best polarised range
Optically superior glare reduction
Impact and scratch resistant
Anti reflective coating
Mirrored & tinted lenses
Upper side vision optimisation
Extended field of view

How Does Polarisation Work?

Light from the sun will either be absorbed or reflected horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Sunlight that is reflected off horizontal surfaces such as roads or water cause us the most problems with our vision. This reflected sunlight is called reflected glare. Reflected glare can cause common problems such as discomfort, squinting, eye fatigue, headaches and sight disability

The ultimate lens for playing excellence while still offering maximum UV protection.

Please see Information Page for full Specs, Lens Info, Standards, Care & Product details

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